The IntelliTrac Dealer Test Drive Protect simply attaches magnetically to each vehicle prior to test drive or vehicles that are at risk of theft at other times.
It's a commercial grade self powered magnetic mount sealed unit without any exposed wiring, lights or tones which provides live tracking, journey replay and activity reporting, all in real-time.
It can also be magnetically mounted to cars, boats, trucks, containers, equipment. Virtually anything!
It communicates and reports with web based and mobile app software.


"After one of our vans was stolen on a test drive, we now use the IntelliTrac Dealer Test Drive Protect on all our test drives. It also allows us to let our customers test drive vehicles alone and we constantly know where the vehicle is.
Its magnetic mount makes it easy to quickly hide in any vehicle just before it goes out on a test drive"

Peter Kapoglis Melbourne Truck & Van