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We continuously set new benchmarks in GPS Telematics for your benefit. Solutions growing with your business

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We work together to provide an optimum solution with clearly defined outcomes. We then program and configure devices, set up your software, install on site, provide training and ongoing support.

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30 Year Track Record Providing Leading Edge GPS Technology

At IntelliTrac we are Australian owned and operated and have a 30 year history of design, development and manufacturing our hardware and software.
We were the Australian pioneers in GPS tracking in 1998. We provide leading edge GPS tracking technology to seamlessly monitor your vehicles, plant & equipment & to manage your entire workforce.
Whether you are a micro home based business, small to medium business, government department or multi national organisation, we have specialist teams to assist you achieve your desired outcomes.

Our Standard Product offerings include:

  • View Live GPS Tracking real time locations on a map using an app or PC
  • View Journey Replays on a map using an app or PC
  • Basic Vehicle Activity Reporting
  • Alerts when vehicles are operating outside your defined conditions
  • Geofencing vehicles and alerts
  • Electronic FBT and Fatigue Management Logbooks
  • Fuel Tax Credits Reporting
  • A range of advanced reporting, messaging, job dispatch, paperless forms, driver identification, driver behaviour monitoring, live video streaming and much more.

Whatever your requirements, whatever the size of your budget or organisation, we will have a solution

Innovative GPS Fleet Tracking

"Our focus is on making sure you achieve your desired outcomes with the utilisation of our technology"

We design, develop and manufacture all core products & software platforms, giving you the flexibility of requesting customisation and integration.


GPS Tracking Benefits For Your Business

Eco Fuel

With our GPS Trackers it's easy being green. Reduce fuel costs & improve fuel efficiency by monitoring harsh acceleration, harsh braking, speeding and unnecessary idling. Match fuel usage with our exclusive fuel card reporting tools.

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Knowing where your vehicles are at all times eliminates those "where are you" phone calls and allows you to squeeze in that extra job. IntelliTrac's unique features allow you to maximize the use of your vehicles and employee resources.

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Lone Worker safety is every employer's obligation. With IntelliTrac you can monitor SOS & man down, conduct employee welfare checks, provide journey management plans, as well as monitor driver fatigue management, and driving behaviour.

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Reporting & alerting tools allow you to provide an outstanding level of service. Send automated messages when you are on your way or simply prove your arrival & departure times, time on site, hours worked and billed and so much more.

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GPS Tracking Success Stories

We have had a great experience with IntelliTrac. All installed quickly without fuss. Training for office staff easy to understand and effective. Well thought out product that is an asset to any service business. We highly recommend IntelliTrac GPS Tracking Solutions
Andrew & Jen Butler: Butler's Plumbing Vic
IntelliTrac helps us organise our jobs & staff to ensure we can achieve an outstanding level of service for our commercial & residential clients. Taking of photos, signatures & recording work hours is seamless.
Tony: Froggi Group
The person I had to sell on the idea of ipads and software was a 67 year old, and to be honest I wasn't optimistic because he's a pen and scrappy paper type of person.
He said to me today:- "I couldn't live without IntelliTrac"
Sharon: Stinky Bins
IntelliTrac's Route Planner has helped me better plan and cover the metropolitan area that I cover.From a driver's perspective I find it a very easy system to use. The system is wonderful for a small business like ourselves and I would highly recommend it to any business like ours
Graham: Fortress Gates

At IntelliTrac we provide GPS Tracking Solutions for business of all sizes. Whether you have one vehicle or ten thousand vehicles in your fleet, we provide systems to suit your budget and your requirements.

GPS Tracker Real Life Stories

% Fuel
% Time
% Road Violation Reductions
% Productivity Improvements


10000+ Businesses of all sizes trust IntelliTrac GPS tracking solutions



GPS Tracker Tradie Stories

Tradies Australia wide are installing IntelliTrac GPS tracking devices to improve productivity and efficiency in their business. Making the best use of your staff and assets means better profitability for you business.

  • Improved response times
  • Prove time on site & billed hours
  • Squeeze in that extra job
  • Peace of mind knowing where staff are
  • Minimise wear and tear on vehicles
  • No knocking off early for a cheaky beer

GPS Tracking Device Stories


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GPS Transport Management Systems

IntelliTrac Transport Management Systems, may be used as stand alone software or integrated with existing TMS ERP backend systems.
Simply integrate TMS load sheets and manifests into the system and IntelliTrac provides a warehouse app to assist in loading vehicles and a driver app which manages pre-start check, driver fatigue electronic log books, navigation, route optimisation and sign on glass POD all in real time.

  • Backend ERP/TMS Integration
  • App Based Load Sheets for warehouse staff
  • Driver App
  • Pre-start Checks
  • Fatigue Management
  • Navigation & Route Optimisation
  • Sign on Glass POD

Navigation - Sign On Glass

GPS Car Pooling & Car Sharing Solutions

Car Sharing Software

Select your pickup & drop off location & times followed by searching on the make, model & attributes to provide a list of available vehicles. Email reminders confirm booking & returns. Get A Demo

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Booked vehicles are displayed in a calendar view, for an easy snap shot of utilisation, pickup and drop off locations. Save fleet running costs with an IntelliTrac Pool Car Solution Get A Demo

Since 2002, IntelliTrac has been providing RFID based Car Sharing programs with "Tap & Go" Keyless entry and keyless start. Interfaces to key cabinets are also available for bespoke implementations Get A Demo

Home Safe Everyday

Lone Worker Safety and General Work Health and Safety culture is of significant importance to IntelliTrac, and therefore we have developed systems to ensure our staff are "Home Safe Everyday". Our WHS systems promote safe driving behaviour, but also include SOS buttons, Rollover and Collision Dedectors and in cabin coaching.

  • Improved Driver Behaviour via in cabin coaching
  • Pre-start Check Lists
  • Journey Management Systems
  • Call In & Welfare Check Systems
  • Electronic Log Book - Fatigue Management
  • SOS Buttons
  • Lone Worker Man Down Pendants

GPS Tracking & WHS


ATO Compliance

Fuel Tax Credits provide business with a credit for the fuel tax/excise that is included in the price of fuel used in motor vehicles, plant and equipment travelling off public roads. Business can claim from the ATO as a rebate some or all of the excise paid on fuel purchases. This may amount to many thousands of dollars per year. IntelliTrac's Fuel Tax Credits Reporting is able to substantiate claims made to the ATO.

If your business makes a car owned or leased by the business available for private use of an employee, then Fringe Benefits Tax may be payable on the percentage of private use of the vehicle. IntelliTrac's FBT Reporting module is ATO Compliant with class ruling and may be used to substantiate FBT reporting.

Fuel Tax Credit & FBT Reporting is further enhanced with the optional IntelliTrac Linked Fuel Card which is available for use at most service stations in Australia providing discounts on fuel and other fleet purchases.


GPS Tracking Chauffeurs - "More than just a GPS car tracker"

At Corporate Chauffeurs Gold Coast we are a people business. IntelliTrac provides us the tools and live data to help us better manage our business and provide an excellent client experience.
Our VIP clients expect exceptional service, and with aid of IntelliTrac we are able to exceed our client expectations.
IntelliTrac allows us to monitor metrics such as fuel consumption, airport waiting times, travel times, routing and driving behavour.
IntelliTrac's systems have assisted us benchmarking vehicle maintenance and operational costs as well as driver behaviour performance thus optimising our business efficiency and customer service. We chose IntelliTrac because it is much more than just the average GPS car tracker we have used before

  • Improved driver behaviour means a better experience for our clients
  • Improved fuel and maintenance costs
  • Live vehicle diagnostics for predicitve servicing

Success Story

Our GPS Tracking & Telematics Solution Awards

Tickford Bathurst 77 Mustang & IntelliTrac

It's always humbling when great organisations such as Tickford partner with IntelliTrac. It's simply the best GPS car tracker providing owners peace of mind.

  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Journey Replay
  • Driving Behaviour
  • Security Alerts
  • Vehicle Servicing &Maintenance Alerts
  • FBT Private/Business Logbook

GPS Tracking Partnership Stories

Here are 30 features you can expect from an IntelliTrac GPS Solution, from an Australian owned company with 30 years experience. It's so much more than GPS tracking device for cars. Get A Demo

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In 2004 IntelliTrac launched its "Cloud Based" "Multi User" GPS fleet management technology nationally on Channel 9 "Business Sunday" program. Note the advanced features provided in 2004. Imagine what we can do now. Get A Demo

In 2006 IntelliTrac partnered with Optus to provide various tracking and data solutions. Today we provide our services over the Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, GlobalStar and Iridium Satellite networks.Imagine the range of solutions we are able to provide. Get A Demo

In 2009 IntelliTrac launched its "Imagine" theme on national TV sponsoring Channel 9 "Sunday" program and Channel 10 "Meet the press" Get A Demo

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Latest GPS Tracking News

IntelliTrac 30 year Anniversary

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Tickford 77 Mustang

IntelliTrac is proud to be associated with the Tickford Bathurst 77 Special Mustang offering its IT30 range of GPS trackers and software apps as standard hardwired equipment to these elite Mustangs. Read more

IntelliTrac GPS Waste Management Solutions

Since 2006 IntelliTrac has been working closely with local government providing state of the art GPS tracking waste management solutions. Announcing our 5th generation offering with live video streaming & route optimisation. Read more

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John Durante MD IntelliTrac

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