IVMS Journey Management Plans

Journey Management WHS

At IntelliTrac we have a number of solutions to address WHS in the Mining Oil and Gas Industry. Of particular importance are Journey Management Plans, especially for employees operating vehicles over long distances in remote or dangerous work environments.

Our Journey Management Systems include, route planning and optimisation, defining and uploading journey plans, defining welfare check functionality and ensuring that fatigue and other safety guidelines are met. All this can be further enforced by the utilisation of integrated apps defining pre-start check lists, advising drivers of approaching hazardous areas and more. At IntelliTrac we have the optimum solutions available for the industry

IntelliTrac Route Optimisate Journey Management Plan

"Planning The Journey

Planning the journey allows staff and managers to clearly safe routes, define travel times and scheduled rest breaks keeping in line with Work Health and Safety and Chain of Responsibility Guidelines:

  • Define start location
  • Define end location
  • Calculate travel times and distances
  • Calculate suitable rest areas

Defining Welfare Checkpoints

IntelliTrac's Journey Planning Welfare check points are defined using route & geofence planners as follows:

  • Define Routes & alert if vehicles journey off route
  • Define Geofences & alert if:
    •         Vehicles do not depart on time
    •         Vehicles do not arrive at specified check points on time
    •         Vehicles do not stop and rest at scheduled points on time
    •         Vehicles do not arrive at destination on time
  • Define duration intervals where drivers are reminded to take certain actions such as press welfare check buttons or call in to a welfare check call centre
  • Alert on duty staff or call centres if any programmed events are not met
IntelliTrac Route Management Alerts
IntelliTrac IVMS Black Spot logging and alerts

"Black Spot Hazardous Area Alerting

Our black spot module allows you to define hazardous zones which will trigger audio visual alerts or messages on navigation screens along the journey:

  • Warn drivers of approaching hazardous zone
  • Provide Audio Prompts
  • Provide Visual Prompts on In Cabin Screens

Journey Check Lists

Ensure that drivers are prepared for their journey and that vehicles and critical contents and supplies are checked prior to departure.

The IntelliTrac Driver App Pre-Start & Journey Checklist Module provides the following features:

  • Mandatory Pre-Start check list process and/or review of previous daily driver checks
  • Checklists customisable by office managers & auto updated on mobile devices
  • Ability to add photo evidence
  • Flexible question/answer formats. Tick box, buttons, drop down, free text, photos
  • Immediate email, alert and reporting notification of critical & non critical issues
  • Ability to raise automated maintenance work orders
NHVR Fatigue Management App
  • Driver RFID Reader
    Driver RFID readers coupled with cards or keyfobs automatically assign drivers to vehicles for each trip.
  • In Vehicle SOS
    SOS button mounted in vehicles alerting monitoring centres, management & nearby staff of an emergency
  • Remote SOS
    Providing a series of short & long range UHF remote sos buttons & pendants interfacing to the IntelliTrac Elite
  • Personal GPS Tracker
    Lone Worker Personal GPS Tracking Devices with SOS & Man Down Alerts
  • Mobile Data Terminal Apps
    Safety Compliance Declarations such as Fatigue Management, Pre-Start Checks, SWMS/JSA, Job Dispatch
  • Smartphone & Tablet Apps
    Safety Compliance Declarations such as Fatigue Management, Pre-Start Checks, SWMS/JSA, Job Dispatch
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring
    Monitor up to 8 tyres for pressures & temperatures and stream alerts real time into the telematics platform.
  • Video Recording & Streaming
    Taking dashcams to the next level with 8 camera 30 day recording, live streaming, event capture interface by MDT.
  • Dash Cams
    Providing evidence to incidences occuring in everyday driving. Recording up to 128 hours of video.
  • Iridium Satcoms
    Provides Satcoms failsafe switch over when GSM networks are not available to send SOS, Crash & Rollover events.
  • Mass Management
    Providing live streaming of vehicle weights & alerting back office staff & drivers if vehicles are over loaded.
  • Driver Behaviour
    In Cabin Driver Behaviour feedback and coaching via audio visual signals, improving driving culture quickly.
  • Journey Management Plans
    Defining a formal journey plan with check points to ensure you comply with fatigue guidelines & arrive safely
  • Efficient Workflows
    Bizzow Job Map allows managers to plan travelling patterns & workflows to ensure field staff are not fatigued.
  • Efficient Task Management
    Bizzow Job Dispatch allows managers to schedule & allocate tasks and manage WHS, Incident & QA Forms

IntelliTrac Elite GPS Tracker Specifications & Features

Technical Specifications which set the benchmark in the industry.

Feature IntelliTrac Elite
Part No./SKU IT300
Dimensions (L x W x H): 115: 75: 32 mm
Weight 150g
Casing ABS with Optional IP66 Rating
GPS Receiver 66 Channels A-GPS & Glonass
GPS Dead Reckoning Yes - Underground Parking & Tunnel Positioning
Frequency 3G 4GLTE All Countries
Power 8V to 35V
Power Consumption Active <90mA
Power Consumption Standby <10mA
Power Consumption Sleep <4mA
Backup Battery 1100mA LiPo 3.7V
Configuration Port USB
Accelerometer Yes - Tri- axial
GyroScope Yes - Tri- axial
Blackbox Recorder 100,000 event high, 15,000 event low
Blackbox Recorder Sample Rate Configurable Time and/or Distance and/or change of heading and Ignition on and GPS Fix. Normally set to 1 Second
GSM Outage Store & Forward Buffer 100,000 event high, 15,000 event low
Operating Temp -20 to +80 deg C
GPS Position Updates Configurable Time and/or Distance and/or change of heading and Ignition on and GPS Fix. Normally set to 30 seconds or change of direction 30 degrees.
Realtime Clock Compensate Loss of GPS
GPS Bounce inaccuracy filtering
Sim Pin Setting
Over The Air Configuration
Over The Air Firmware Updates
Sim Pin Card Setting
RoHS Compliant
CE Compliant
FCC Certified
Aus A-Tick & C-Tick
Malaysia Sirim Approval
Indonesia Type Approval
Vehicle Battery Disconnect Warning
Vehicle Battery Connect Notification
Vehicle Battery Low Voltage Warning
Vehicle Battery Voltage Recharged Notification
GPS Tracker Unplugged Warning
GPS Tracker Plugged In Notification
GPS Tracker Battery Low Warning
GPS Tracker Battery Recharged Notification
Smart Power Management Modes
Daily Health Check Reporting
3 Times Per Day Reporting Regardless Of Use
Advanced Driver Behaviour Analysis
Detect Extreme Braking
Detect Collision
Monitor Speed
Alert Excessive Speed
GPS Odometer
GPS Odometer Accuracy Filtering
Customised Event Configuration
Input Ports 2 positive & 2 Negative Triggered
Input Ports Expansion - Additional Module 4 positive & 16 Negative Triggered including 4 Analog Digital Inputs
Ability to connect SOS buttons & other switched sensors 1 positive & 2 Negative Triggered Switches (without expansion module)
Ability to connect analog sensors such as fuel level sensors
Output Ports 4 Negative Triggered
Input Ports Expansion - Additional Module 20 - 4 Positive Triggered (Analog Digital) & 16 Negative Triggered with Additional Module
Output Ports Expansion - Additional Module 10 Negative Triggered with Additional Module
Bluetooth Connectivity for MDT Messaging & Hawk App 1 requires 1 serial port via additional module
Wireless Connectivity for MDT Messaging & Hawk App 1 requires 1 serial port via additional module
RFID Connectivity 1 requires 1 serial port
Vehicle Scales Connectivity 1 requires 1 serial port
Bucher Garbage Truck Compactor Connectivity 1 requires 1 serial port
Engine Hour Meter Reading
Engine Hour Meter Reading
Iridium Satcoms Optional - requires 1 serial port
J1939/1708 CanBus Engine Management Monitoring Optional - requires 1 serial port
OBDII CanBus Engine Management Monitoring Optional - requires 1 serial port slot
Mobile Data Terminal Interface Optional - requires 1 serial port
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Optional - requires 1 serial port
Mass Management Vehicle Scales Interface Optional - requires 1 serial port
Refrigerated Transport Temperature Monitoring Interface Optional - requires 1 serial port
Bucher Garbage Interface Optional - requires 1 serial port
Street Sweeper Operations Interface
FloCon Operations Interface
Lawn Mower Blade Down Operations Interface
Grader Blade Down Operations Interface
Internal Hardware Geofencing Operations Interface
Configurable Events To Log & Poll Server
Configurable Events To Set Output Status on Device
Variable Position Updates Based on Inputs
Variable Max Speed Warning Updates Based on Inputs
Driver Behaviour Feedback In Cabin Coaching
Seat Belt Monitoring
4WD Engaged Monitoring
Speeding Within Geofence Monitoring
Fringe Benefits Tax eLogbook
Fringe Tax Credits Reporting
Road User Charge Recording
Wave & Go Pool Car Option

IntelliTrac Elite GPS Tracking Software Features

IntelliTrac software is available as a fully responsive browser based PC web app, iOS App and Android App. Some features listed below may be subject to the appropriate Telematics options as listed above being selected & installed within vehicles.

Number of Software Users Unlimited
Software Security Username & Password
Software Privileges User, Power User, Power User Plus, Superuser, Administrator
Allocation of software privileges to each user
Allocation of day time login privilges to each user
Allocation of date time reporting & viewing privileges to each user
After hours privacy mode setting
Manual allocation of drivers to vehicles
Automated app based allocation of drivers to vehicles
Driver data tables including licencing requirements
Driver incident/infringement register
Vehicle make, model, year, reg, vin data register
Custom vehicle data fields
Vehicle Service data and alerts
Fuel Card Usage reporting
Live tracking multi vehicle
Live tracking one vehicle per map window
Single Vehicle Journey Replay
Multi Vehicle Journey Replay
Journey Report
Stop time report
Working hours report
After hours usage report
Activity within geofence report
Excessive Idle Reporting
Alert Wizard
Pop Up alerts on software
Email Alerts
SMS alerts via 3rd party email to sms converter (Additional cost)
Push notifications via 3rd party Pushover app(additional cost)
Alert Configuration Manager
Driver behaviour reporting
Driver behaviour fleet leader board
Excessive RPM Alerts
OBDII/CanBusFuel Consumption Reports
Estimated Fuel Consumption Reports
Custom Report builder
Report Email Scheduler
Online Training Manual
Online Training Video
RPM Monitoring
Customisable Dynamic Trend Analysis Dashboard
Pool Car booking & Driver RFID Authentication System Wave & Go Access
Transport Management System App. Manifests, Mobile App, Sign on Glass Navigation
Chain of Responsibility NHVR Fatigue Management, Pre-start Check list, Mass Management App
Fringe Benefits Tax eLogbook App
IntelliTrac Messenger App
IntelliTrac Garbage Truck Waste Management App
IntelliTrac Street Sweeper Management App
IntelliTrac Route Optimisation App
Customised Map Geofences & Overlays
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