Bizzow Work Scheduling, Allocation & Automation

Manage Field Staff Seamlessly


"No more scrappy paper job cards, notepads, sms messages & phone calls between office & field workers. Bizzow is making us great again"

IntelliTrac Bizzow Field Service Software


"With Bizzow, you can schedule and manage jobs, dispatch them to field technicians, and improve customer service by providing accurate ETAs."

Bizzow allows companies to streamline their business practices by implementing CRM, Rostering, Scheduling, Job Dispatch & Tracking software.
Bizzow web & smart phone/tablet apps offer field service solutions for companies of all sizes, over a variety of industry types including trades, transport, couriers, health care, hospitality and more.
Our comprehensive solution includes many modules such as CRM, Scheduling, Rostering, Job Allocation &Tracking, Invoicing, Quoting Tools, Stock & Billable items as well as Customisable Forms for WHS/HSE, Compliance & Quality Control.
With Bizzow you will be able to provide field workers clear information and instructions regarding their tasks & work locations including route optimisation & turn by turn navigation.
Bizzow allows "in field" starts allowing field staff to commence working from home each morning rather than coming to the office as well as providing office operations staff & optionally your clients full visibility on daily tasks and delivery of tasks in full and on time.

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Workflow Automation

IntelliTrac Bizzow Field Service Automated Workflows


Bizzow Workflows provide a flexible workforce automation platform allowing managers to set up business rules and let Bizzow do the rest.

The easy to use, "When This Do That" methodolgy makes it easy to set up automation rules such as:

  • Notify clients to confirm a job has been received
  • Notify staff when a job is allocated to them
  • Notify clients when a job is scheduled and the staff member attending
  • Notify clients when a staff member is on their way to meet them
  • Notify clients when a job has been completed
  • Automatically send out work details, invoicing, photographic proof of works
  • Set reminder dates for office staff and clients if payment has not been received
  • The options are endless and up to your imagination

Planning the daily tasks & travelling routes of field staff can be a time consuming process for office management.

It takes a skilled & experienced manager to get the most efficiency from field staff whilst understanding traffic conditions, average job durations and taking into account lunch breaks and fatigue management.

Bizzow "Job Maps" feature alllows managers to drag and drop jobs onto a map and then "join the dots" to allow Bizzow to calculate travelling times and job times to ensure a smooth day's travelling and work is dispatched to field workers, whilst predicting that scheduled appointments with clients will be easily met without placing field workers under stress to hurry jobs or speed through traffic.

Plan Jobs & Routes

IntelliTrac Bizzow Field Service Software

Bizzow Customise Your Own Business Apps

As your business grows you may also want to streamline your paperwork & business workflows & operating procedures.
With Bizzow you can build & customise your own apps & GPS Tracking Software to suit your business.

IntelliTrac Apps

Bizzow Building Blocks

Clients CRM

Need to capture your client data? The Bizzow Client function is super easy to use. Unlimited custom fields and advanced groupings enable the recording & organisation of your client data. Unlock additional features by enabling Bizzow Contacts and Bizzow Jobs.

Contacts CRM

Bizzow is a great place to store all your contacts. Using Bizzow Contacts helps you keep track of the people who mean the most to you, Your Customers! By optimising the way we store contacts we have eliminated the need for double entry. Additional features are unlocked when used with Bizzow Client and Bizzow Job..


Get a quick overview of your business! Here you can access some summary data from Bizzow, to see what is happening in your business today.


Keep track of what needs to be done & for who. Create task lists for internal staff or extend with Bizzow Clients to notify your remote staff on the job’s location. Bizzow jobs helps you to keep track of work to be done for clients as well as tasks to be completed around your own business.


Bizzow Scheduler makes organising your work easy. Schedule Job’s & Tasks with our simple to use drag & drop interface. Need to reschedule a job? Easy just drag it to another time slot or set a job to recur. View work load by user, Day, Week, Month or even Agenda. See who is doing what when with our easy to read colour keys.


Work Flows enable a business to set up a consequence for an action - for example when a job is completed send an SMS & email. You set up the workflows that are important to your business and it happens automatically.

Invoices & Quotes

Create Invoices & Quotes in the office or in the field. Customise your own branded invoices & quotes. Bizzow provides various customisable templates, to promote special offers or seasons of the year. Clients will be amazed at how your invoices & quotes, represent your brand.

Notification Hub

Notification Hubs used in conjunction with workflows allows you to receive desktop notifications about anything which is important to you. What woud you like to know? A job has been finished? A form has been completed? A data import has ended? A vehicle has arrived at its job site, or An employee has finished their assigned task?


The Documents plugin allows the account holder to capture photos and signatures on glass against jobs & tasks. What a great feature to add a layer of validation to your jobs in the field!

Job Dispatching Easy As 123

Choose IntelliTrac's Bizzow & Manage Your Work Easier

Join thousands of clients getting great results in their business with IntelliTrac & Bizzow

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Field Service Management
Questions & Answers

What is Field Service or Job Dispatch Software?
Field Service, Job Dispatch, Task Management or Job Management Software is software that helps businesses streamline daily operations required to manage field workers such as couriers, tradies or technicians who perform once off or recurring jobs in the field. Field workers may include HVAC, plumbers, electricians, mobile mechanics, landscapers, and general contractors.
The Work Management Field Service Dispatch software allows businesses to eliminate the use of phone calls, paper notepads, sms, emails, Outlook calendars & whatsapp in the field as well as eliminating whiteboard scheduling in the office.
Apart from the obvious advantages in streamlining daily business processes, the software and apps allow managers to have easy to access historical data on field service activity which may include day time records, photos, signatures, forms, parts used, quotes, invoices and more. All data recorded in the office and in the field is at your fingertips and easily retrieved for audit and transparency purposes.

A Great Field Service Management System Should :

  • Provide an easy to use interface for office staff and field staff
  • Allow business to customise fields to capture the data relevant to their business
  • Provide a multi user environment where each user has their own log in and security privileges for privacy of information recorded
  • Have the ability to drag and drop tasks on a calendar scheduler and automatically update field staff of new tasks or rescheduled/changed tasks
  • Have the ability to allow field staff to reschedule works if required
  • Provide customisable workflows to suit your business processes
  • Allow tasks to be grouped into projects
  • Time and GPS Stamp all statuses, photos, signatures and form submissions
  • Continue to function on mobile devices when internet is unavailable

A GPS Telematics System will further enhance the offering by using GPS Telemetry data to:

  • Confirm that field worker was present with their allocated vehicle
  • Confirm arrival to work site on time
  • Confirm hours worked or present at work site
  • Confirm estimated arrival times to clients
How Will Field Service or Job Dispatch Software Help My Business?

Field Service Job Dispatch Solutions let everyone who works in your organisation log into the same system to better communicate and perform tasks they previously had to do manually on paper.
Office staff simply schedule and assign job details into the system rather than on paper job cards which can easily get lost, torn or wet.
Office staff no longer need to call field workers every time there is a job update, therefore reducing interruptions for the field worker whilst they are trying to complete their work.
Many companies also provide access to their regular clients so it can help them see that their scheduled works or projects are being completed in a professional and timely manner.

How Will Field Service or Job Dispatch Software Help My Clients?

Today most clients expect fast and personalized service and with a great system such as Bizzow you can provide text and email reminders of appointments and can also provide further confirmations and estimated time of arrival on the day, it helps build a create a great customer service reputation for your business.
And when the work is completed, Bizzow can also automatically advise your clients by SMS and Email and package up information such as forms, photos, quotes or invoices and automatically send them to your client.
If you are in the "break &fix business and many of your clients require emergency call outs, Bizzows, "job map" feature allows you to quickly schedule the nearest available field worker to their job.
With Bizzow you will provide a better client experience whilst at the same time streamlining your operations.

How Will It Take Me To Be Operational With Field Service or Job Dispatch Software?

Bizzow is designed to be intuitive for both office staff and field staff.
Our Bizzow Specialists will work with you to set up the system and import your client and company data. We also assist you in setting up your workflows, users, forms, invoicing, & billable items.
Office Workers and Field Workers are then trained by our consultants through easy to use video training tools and hands on experience to help them learn how to use the system.

Will My Field Staff Adapt To Using Field Service or Job Dispatch Software?

We find that most field staff are will love the technology as it operates on their smart phones or tablets and is very easy to use.
Let's face it, these days almost everyone uses a smartphone to surf the internet, social media and online shopping, so using Bizzow for work will be just another use for their smartphones.
Bizzow gives field workers more time to focus on getting their work done in a timely, organised and reliable manner, whilst eliminating phone calls, SMS and paperwork which ultimately needs to be returned to the office for data entry and storage.

What is GPS Tracking & Telematics?
GPS trackers, (also referred to as Telematics Devices, AVL - Automatic Vehicle Locators, IVMS - In vehicle Monitoring Systems, IVDR - In Vehicle Data Recorders)
are devices that are fitted to the vehicles in your fleet. They receive signals from GPS Satellites orbiting the earth. The GPS information is stored within the GPS Tracker and immediately sent to an IntelliTrac server in the cloud using wireless internet over the mobile phone 2G/3G or 4G networks.

The GPS data is processed at the server and displayed on your Office PC Internet Browser or Smartphone/Tablet app as:

  • Vehicle icons moving along on a map
  • Easy to read dashboards of trending data
  • Vehicle Movements Activity Reporting

The raw GPS data received by the server can be processed and analysed to provide many value added features such as:

  • Alerts on any defined events such as leaving an area after hours
  • Reminders on when services are due to Road Tax, Insurances, Regos, CTP, RUC etc need payment
  • Analysis of Driving Behaviour
  • Other Compliance related reporting such as electronic logbooks
What Does Field Service or Job Dispatch Software Cost?
With so many software combinations, it is difficult to provide indicative costs, however there are a few factors to consider when purchasing a Field Service or Job Dispatch Software Solution for your business.
Most providers will use the following pricing models:
  • Pay a per user software licencing fee monthly or annually in advance.
  • Pay a per job software licencing fee monthly or annually in advance.
  • Pay a software licencing fee monthly or annually in advance, based on modules chosen & customisable options chosen.
  • Pay a once off enterprise licence and annual software maintenance.
Why Do I Have To Pay An On Going Fee?
Reputable providers like IntelliTrac, are required to pay companies like Google Maps for commercial licences as well as paying cloud hosting providers for servers, data usage & data storage.
In addition your annual or monthly subscription will also include:
  • A cost for running a cloud service to host the software whether it be with a reputable cloud provider such as Microsoft, Amazon or Google, of whether it be in proprietary data centres with dedicated or shared servers.
  • A cost for providing support and help desk staff to answer your calls, provide training and rectify any issues if and when they occur.
  • A cost for on going product development, as browsers, operating systems, mapping interfaces and other features are constantly changing and require updating to keep your service active and working at its best.
  • A cost for maintaining account managers to be at your service to provide a consultative approach to ensuring you are getting the best from our solutions.
Will I Need Expensive Computers?
The great thing about Bizzow is that is provided as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). That means that there is no need to load any software on your computer and you don't even require any IT technical staff in your business.
All you need is a computer, a mobile phone or tablet that can connect to the internet running an up to date browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge.
Field workers will need to use their Android or Apple devices to access the Bizzow app.
What If My Needs Change?
IntelliTrac understands that as your business grows our software needs to be Scalable and adapt.
Our flexible and Scalable software can be massaged by our support staff to be easy to use whilst giving you access to the full range of functions and modules required as your business grows over time. Simply contact your customer services team to discuss your growing requirements at any time.
Is Software Easy To Use?

Just like using your iPhone or Android phone, at IntelliTrac our software engineers work hard to make our software user friendly and intuitive.
Actually most of our clients rarely ask for training, however when you join us we guide you every step of the way with our online one on one training program, and at the same time we customise the look and feel of your system so it does exactly what you want it to do.
We also move out of your favorites those features that you are not likely to use, making our software less cluttered.
Of course we also provide online training manuals and training videos with indexes so you can get to the topic of choice and quickly familiarise yourself.
We also have local support teams who can assist you, either over the phone, via online webinars or via email.
IntelliTrac is powerful software with lots of features which you will use as your business grows, but it’s also designed to be quick and easy to use for anyone.

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