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IntelliTrac Fleet Management Statistical Data

Statistical Reliability Data assisting fleet managers making asset disposal decisions based on "mean time between failures" and "mean time to repair" is just another performance benchmark weighted along side asset utilisation and total cost of ownership when making informed decisions.

Fleet Management

Data mining valuable GPS Telemetry data provides a great foundation for developing metrics to make better decisions about your fleet operating costs, utilisation & efficiency, but most importantly when is the optimum time to dispose of the asset.

  •   Acquisition Costs
  •   Depreciation Costs
  •   Operating Costs
  •   Servicing History
  •   Utilisation Analytics
  •   On Costed Revenue Earned
  •   Predictive Disposal Analytics
  •   Online Remarketing Disposal
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IntelliTrac Elite Top of the range GPS Telematics Device

"IntelliTrac Elite"
GPS Fleet Management At Its Finest

IntelliTrac Elite is the 4th generation flagship telematics device by IntelliTrac. With cutting edge technology & functionality, the Elite sets the benchmark in the industry with functionality, scaleability & flexibility well beyond any other product in the market.
Providing all standard telematics functionality, Elite is further excelled by its ability to provide advanced telematics data which can be data mined to provide correlations between driving behaviour, fuel consumption, vehicle wear and tear, servicing costs, utilisation and vehicle in service availability times.

Accurate Operational Fleet Compliance

Is your business relying on paper based technologies to predict odometer readings, fuel consumption & FBT?

At IntelliTrac our Fleet management Solutions provide:-
  • Accurate Odometer & Engine Hour Readings
  • Accurate Fuel Consumption
  • Quantify Fuel Usage and Possible Fuel Theft
  • Match Fuel Card Usage To Refueling location
  • Match Fuel Type & Quantity Purchased To Vehicle Specifications
  • Calculate Business & Private Use & Days available for private use for FBT Logbooks
  • Calculate Fuel tax Credits in Australia and RUC in New Zealand
  • Calculate Operational Utilisation
IntelliTrac Service Scheduling

GPS Fleet Management Systems
Questions & Answers

What is a GPS Fleet Management System?
"A Fleet Management System that uses GPS Telematics devices installed in vehicles to collect data to assist in the management of company vehicles during their operational lifecycle."

A good Fleet Management Software Solution should provide the following functionality:

  • Enter data relating to the vehicle purchased such as Make, Model, Year, Designation and Variant as well as other customisable data fields such as colour, optional extras installed, and asset/plant number.
  • Enter Acquisition Costs
  • Enter & Manage Depreciation Costs
  • Enter expected disposal criteria such as time, odometer or hour meter readings
  • Enter and Log vehicle maintenance & service data, parts used, costs, check list items
  • Enter expected disposal criteria such as time, odometer or hour meter readings
  • Enter revenue earned by Fleet Department in supplying & managing the vehicle for the business
  • Enter other operational costs such as fuel, rego, road tax, insurance
  • Enter disposal revenue
  • Calculate total cost of ownership over vehicle lifecycle and per km travelled or hour operated

A great GPS Fleet Management System will further enhance the offering by using GPS Telemetry data to:

  • Provide reporting, dashboards and alerts on
    •     Vehicles due for service
    •     Insurance, Rego, CTP, RUC, Road Tax Reminders
    •     Vehicles due for disposal
  • Provide Utilisation Reports & Recommend under utilised vehicles for disposal
  • Provide Statistical Mean Time Between Failure and Mean Time To Repair Data to recommend vehicles for disposal
  • Accurately Calculate Fuel Consumption, Fuel Card Usage, and detect fuel theft
  • Minimise compliance administration by automatically calculating FBT Logbooks
  • Maximising Fuel Tax Credits in Australia & Streamlining RUC in New Zealand

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What is GPS Tracking & Telematics?
GPS trackers, (also referred to as Telematics Devices, AVL - Automatic Vehicle Locators, IVMS - In vehicle Monitoring Systems, IVDR - In Vehicle Data Recorders)
are devices that are fitted to the vehicles in your fleet. They receive signals from GPS Satellites orbiting the earth. The GPS information is stored within the GPS Tracker and immediately sent to an IntelliTrac server in the cloud using wireless internet over the mobile phone 2G/3G or 4G networks.

The GPS data is processed at the server and displayed on your Office PC Internet Browser or Smartphone/Tablet app as:

  • Vehicle icons moving along on a map
  • Easy to read dashboards of trending data
  • Vehicle Movements Activity Reporting

The raw GPS data received by the server can be processed and analysed to provide many value added features such as:

  • Alerts on any defined events such as leaving an area after hours
  • Reminders on when services are due to Road Tax, Insurances, Regos, CTP, RUC etc need payment
  • Analysis of Driving Behaviour
  • Other Compliance related reporting such as electronic logbooks

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What Should I Consider When Buying A GPS Fleet Management System?
The first thing you should consider when buying a GPS Fleet Management Solution for your company vehicles is the reputation of the company.
With so many companies out there supplying GPS Tracking Systems masked as GPS Fleet Management Systems, or very basic Fleet Management Systems without any telemetry data, it is important you do your due diligence to ensure the software you are evaluating, provides all the necessary functionality without making traditional assumptions which are not reliant on GPS Telematics Data.
A true GPS Fleet Management System should manage the complete lifecycle of your company vehicles from acquisition to disposal and provide accurate reporting and reminders based on accurate GPS Telematics Data and ultimately provide fleet managers with a total cost of ownership of each make and model of vehicle in their fleet based on per km travelled or per hour used.

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What Does GPS Fleet Management System Cost?
With so many products and software combinations, it is difficult to provide indicative costs, however there are a few factors to consider when purchasing a GPS Fleet Management Solution for your business.
Most providers will use the following pricing models:
  • Buy GPS Tracker Out right without any contract, pay for a packaged sim card data, fleet management software & mapping licencing fee annually in advance.
  • Buy GPS Tracker at a reduced subsidised price on a minimum 3 year contract, pay for a packaged sim card data, fleet management software & mapping licencing fee monthly in advance.
  • Lease or Rent a GPS Tracker on a minimum 3 year leasing or rental contract which includes sim card data, fleet management software & mapping licencing fee monthly in advance.

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Why Do I Have To Pay An On Going Fee?
Reputable GPS Fleet Management providers like IntelliTrac, are required to pay companies like Google Maps for commercial licences, and for more complex solutions we are also required to pay other mapping companies for the provision of speed limit data and other map data which is taken for granted these days.
In addition your annual or monthly subscription will also include:
  • Provision of the sim card in your GPS Trackers as well as the data costs for transmission of data from the tracker to our servers
  • A cost for running a cloud service to host the GPS tracking software whether it be with a reputable cloud provider such as Microsoft, Amazon or Google, of whether it be in proprietary data centres with dedicated or shared servers.
  • A cost for providing support and help desk staff to answer your calls, provide training and rectify any issues if and when they occur.
  • A cost for on going product development, as browsers, operating systems, mapping interfaces and other features are constantly changing and require updating to keep your service active and working at its best.
  • A cost for maintaining a field service crew of technicians and account managers to be at your service as vehicles are sold and devices require removal and refit, or to provide a consultative approach to ensuring you are getting the best from our solutions.

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How Do I Know The Fleet Management Software Is Right For My Business?
IntelliTrac has the most flexible and Scalable fleet management software in the industry.
That's because unlike other providers focusing in specific industry segments such as small service based businesses, transport or minining, IntelliTrac has world wide experience across all market verticles. Our software can be fine tuned to meet your needs today in a simple easy to use interface and grow with you as your business grows. An online demo is a perfect opportunity to view the flexibility of our software.

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Will I Need Expensive Computers?
The great thing about IntelliTrac is that is provided as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). That means that there is no need to load any software on your computer and you don't even require any IT technical staff in your business.
All you need is a computer, a mobile phone or tablet that can connect to the internet running an up to date browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge.
You can even use your Android or Apple device to access key information about your fleet vehicles and today’s jobs.

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What If My Needs Change?
IntelliTrac understands that as your business grows our software needs to be Scalable and adapt.
Our flexible and Scalable software can be massaged by our support staff to be easy to use whilst giving you access to the full range of functions and modules required as your business grows over time. Simply contact your customer services team to discuss your growing requirements at any time.

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Is GPS Fleet Management Software Easy To Use?

Just like using your iPhone or Android phone, at IntelliTrac our software engineers work hard to make our software user friendly and intuitive.
Actually most of our clients rarely ask for training, however when you join us we guide you every step of the way with our online one on one training program, and at the same time we customise the look and feel of your system so it does exactly what you want it to do.
We also move out of your favorites those features that you are not likely to use, making our software less cluttered.
Of course we also provide online training manuals and training videos with indexes so you can get to the topic of choice and quickly familiarise yourself.
We also have local support teams who can assist you, either over the phone, via online webinars or via email.
IntelliTrac is powerful software with lots of features which you will use as your business grows, but it’s also designed to be quick and easy to use for anyone.

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