Transport & Courier Management Systems

Transport & Courier Apps

IntelliTrac provides a comprehensive Transport & Courier Management solution comprising an Android based TMS app which can be run on mobile phones, tablets or IntelliTrac Mobile Data Terminals, coupled to the Cloud Based IntelliTrac Transport Management software suite.

Loaders and Drivers are provided an Android App encompassing:

  • Load order sheets based on delivery route
  • Load secured compliance sign off
  • Driver pre-starts & load check compliance
  • Route optimisation, navigation & delivery bundling
  • Fatigue management
  • Time in/Out and POD signature capture
  • Photo capture of delivery or exceptions
Transport Management System Order Entry

Streamlined Order Entry

Use as standalone or integrate to existing systems?

  • Easy & Efficient Order Entry
  • API Integration to 3rd Party Systems
  • Easy 2 way integration to 3rd party software
  • Import orders from ERP and SCM systems
  • Export POD to ERP and SCM systems

Live DIFOT Dashboards

Live snap shots of how your deliveries are running up to the minute as well as analysing trends:-

  • Live Time Lines with DIFOT Percentages
  • Trend Analysis Dashboards
  • Live vehicle Locations
  • Live estimated delivery times
Transport Management Systems Dashboard
Transport Courier Management System - Truck Loading Compliance

"Process Driven"
Compliance Management

Streamlining operations whilst assisting in complying with work health and saftey requirements.

  • Apps to streamline picking and loading in correct delivery order
  • Vehicle safe loading compliance checks and sign offs by loaders
  • Vehicle loading check lists and sign off by drivers
  • Vehicle pre-start check lists and driver fatigue management

Live POD

Live delivery status data:-

  • Driver Data
  • Delivery time in and time our
  • Parcels Delivered and contents
  • Name of accepting person and signature
  • Photographs of parcels and optional signee
Transport Management System Proof of Delivery POD
Transport Courier Management System - DIFOT

"DIFOT Data"
Live Delivery Dashboards

Managers & Dispatchers are able to view delivery progress in simple charts and drill down to search

  • Shipper & Client Details
  • Manifest Shipment Number
  • Consignment Note Number
  • Vehicle carrying goods & current location
  • Contents & type of consignment note
  • POD sign on glass, time in and out
  • Delivery run progress

Transport Management Systems
Questions & Answers

What is a Transport Management System?
"A Transport Management System assists in the planning, execution and optimisation of the transport of goods from supplier manufacturing points or warehouses to wholesalers, retailers or end user clients. It's a logistics platform that enables users to manage and optimise the daily operations of their transport fleets."

A good transport management system should provide the following functionality:

  • Optimised routing and loading of vehicles, based on driver, client & vehicle attributes & requirements.
  • Consolidation of parcels deliveries.
  • Telematics Recording and analysis of travel times and distances.
  • Mobility App Recording and analysis of loading and unloading times.
  • Mobility App Proof of delivery signature on glass
  • Mobility App Photo capture and recording of any exceptions
  • Integration into ERP, SCM or accounting systems
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