Corporate & Government Fleet Management

IntelliTrac Fleet Management EcoSystem

Fleet Management EcoSystem

Fleet Management means different things to different organisations. The fundamental elements are similar, but different organisations will focus on different features which provide sought after benefits in streamlining processes and efficiencies. At IntelliTrac, we have a complete fleet management eco system with functional elements to suit all organisations.

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IntelliTrac Elite Top of the range GPS Telematics Device

"IntelliTrac Elite"
GPS Fleet Management At Its Finest

IntelliTrac Elite is the 4th generation flagship GPS Fleet Management Telematics device by IntelliTrac. With leading edge technology & functionality, the Elite sets the benchmark in the industry with functionality, scaleability & flexibility well beyond any other product in the market.
Providing all standard telematics functionality, Elite is further excelled by its ability to provide advanced telematics data which can be data mined to provide correlations between driving behaviour, fuel consumption, vehicle wear and tear, servicing costs, utilisation and vehicle in service availability times.

Live GPS Locations

IntelliTrac GPS Fleet Management Solutions provide accurate live real time GPS locations of all vehicles in your fleet:-

  • Live GPS Locations
  • Replay Journeys
  • Receive Alerts for vehicles operating outside defined rules
  • Vehicle Activity Reporting
  • Monitor live locations, speed and driving behaviour
Live GPS Tracking by IntelliTrac
IntelliTrac Driver behaviour Scoring

Driver Behaviour Analysis

IntelliTrac's driver behaviour analysis algorithms go over and above the industry standards of counting the number of harsh acceleration, braking, cornering and speeding events.
Working with multiple universities and research centres globally, IntelliTrac has developed algorithms which monitor second by second variations in driving habits as well as factoring in road types, familiarity to routes and time of day travel to provide advanced predictions of driving behaviour and the likelihood of incidents.

Accurate Fuel Purchase & Usage Information

Is your business relying on paper based technologies to predict odometer readings, fuel consumption & FBT?

At IntelliTrac our Fleet management Solutions provide:-
  • Accurate Odometer & Engine Hour Readings
  • Accurate Fuel Consumption
  • Quantify Fuel Usage and Possible Fuel Theft
  • Match Fuel Card Usage To Refueling location
  • Match Fuel Type & Quantity Purchased To Vehicle Specifications
  • Calculate Business & Private Use & Days available for private use for FBT Logbooks
  • Calculate Fuel tax Credits in Australia and RUC in New Zealand
IntelliTrac Fuel Card Matching Report


IntelliTrac Fleet Servicing Reminders

Service & Maintenance Reminders

IntelliTrac provides modules to configure planned inspections, servicing, maintenance and configurable reminders.

This flexible module provides the following features:

  •   Reminders based on odometer
  •   Reminders based on hour meter
  •   Reminders based on times & Seasons
  •   Reminders for Rego, Insurance, Safety Checks
  •   Disposal reminders based on time, hourmeter & odometer
  •   Service Parts & Checklists Required For Each Service

CoR, FTC, FBT, RUC Compliance

Fleet managers are constantly trying to take the guess work out of their decision making as well as streamlining administrative compliance. IntelliTrac solutions assist with a number of modules and apps to streamline:-

  • Pre-start Check lists and reporting of maintenance issues
  • Fatigue Management and Electronic Driver Logbooks
  • Fringe Benefits Tax and Electronic Logbooks
  • Fuel Tax Credits reporting and substatiation (Au)
  • Road User Charge management and refund claims (NZ)
  • Route Planning & Optimisation
  • Work order scheduling, assignment & monitoring
IntelliTrac FBT App
IntelliTrac Fleet Utilisation

Fleet Utilisation

Knowing how to get the best value from your assets is important to all fleet managers. IntelliTrac offers a number of live dashboards and reporting tools providing information such as :-

  • Utilisation during business hours
  • Utilisation in field
  • Average hours used per day/month/year
  • Distance travelled & travel duration
  • Inherent downtime
  • Late in field starts & early finishes
  • Average hours avalaible for use - Pool Cars
  • Average hours parked at company locations per day

Fleet Management
Questions & Answers

What is a Fleet Management System?
"A Fleet Management System collects data to assist the management of company vehicles during their operational lifecycle."

A good fleet management system should provide the following functionality:

  • Record data relating to the vehicle purchased such as Make, Model, Year, Designation and Variant as well as other customisable data fields such as colour, optional extras installed, and asset/plant number.
  • Record Acquisition Costs
  • Record Depreciation Costs
  • Record disposal criteria such as time, odometer or hour meter readings
  • Record vehicle maintenance & service data, parts used, costs, check list items
  • Record revenue earned supplying & managing the vehicle for other business unbits within the organisation
  • Record operational costs such as fuel, rego, road tax, insurance and when they are due
Is GPS Fleet Management Software Easy To Use?

Just like using your iPhone or Android phone, at IntelliTrac our software engineers work hard to make our software user friendly and intuitive.
Actually most of our clients rarely ask for training, however when you join us we guide you every step of the way with our online one on one training program, and at the same time we customise the look and feel of your system so it does exactly what you want it to do.
We also move out of your favorites those features that you are not likely to use, making our software less cluttered.
Of course we also provide online training manuals and training videos with indexes so you can get to the topic of choice and quickly familiarise yourself.
We also have local support teams who can assist you, either over the phone, via online webinars or via email.
IntelliTrac is powerful software with lots of features which you will use as your business grows, but it’s also designed to be quick and easy to use for anyone.

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