Emergency Services Telematics

Police, Fire, Ambulance, Correctional Services
GPS Telematics

At IntelliTrac we understand that emergency services require mission critical robust telematics devices with total redundancy matched to secure dedicated enterprise server hardware & software providing the highest level of reliability & data security in rest and in transit.

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Police Telematics

"IntelliTrac Elite"
Emergency Services Edition

IntelliTrac Elite Top of the range GPS Telematics Device

IntelliTrac Elite is the 4th generation flagship GPS Fleet Management Telematics device by IntelliTrac.
The emergency services edition provides additional functionality such as:

  • Encrypted data transfer via private telco security networks with VPN IPSec endpoint into dedicated physical enterprise servers.
  • Redundant Telco Networking
  • Assisted GPS, Glonass, Galileo & Beidu location based GNSSS
  • Dead Reckoning for tracking through tunnels & underground car parks, as well as better accuracy in CBD areas via the minimisation of urban canyoning effects
  • Driver Identification
  • Integration into light bars and sirens
  • Safe operating speed driver notifications
  • Integration into vehicle engine management systems
  • Tyre pressure monitoring
  • Live video streaming and recording options
  • Mobile Data Terminal Interfacing
  • Integrated Iridium Communications Backup
  • Capturing GSM Signal Strength with all locations
  • Automated location updates based on vehicle activity

Secured Telematics IT Infrastructure

IntelliTrac provides secure IT infrastructure platforms via a variety of methods including:

  • Dedicated private telco networks - no data traversing public internet
  • VPN Ipsec endpoints within data centres
  • Encrypted telematics data transmission
  • Dedicated physical servers within IntelliTrac Data Centres
  • Enterprise solutions within our client data centres
  • Cloud solutions on ASD compliant government Azure hosting
Emergency Services Server
Emergency Services GIS Mapping

Compliant Emergency Services Mapping

IntelliTrac GIS Department provides secure & compliant emergency services mapping layers based on official government data

  • Multiple mapping technologies & overlays
  • Integration of emergency services GIS data
  • GIS Mapping Data internally hosted
  • No external map server calls for increased security
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